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Managing The Long-Term Care Facility: Practical Approches To Providing Quality Care

Managing The Long-Term Care Facility: Practical Approches To Providing Quality Care

Pages: 600

Publisher: Wiley

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Rebecca Perley

Book Description:

Managing the Long-Term Care Facility provides a comprehensive introduction to the growing field of long-term care. Taking a continuum-of-care approach, the text covers every aspect of long-term care. Readers will develop a robust knowledge of the issues faced by people experiencing physical and or mental changes. Topics covered include the biological and psychosocial implications of ageing, marketing long-term care, facility operations, and information technology for health care, among many others. By integrating all aspects of long-term care, the book is an invaluable resource that will aid students and professionals in preparing for career advancement and licensure exams. The book is also is designed to help students prepare for the National Nursing Home Administrator exam. Pedagogical elements help guide readers through the content, and summaries and discussion questions to drive home lessons learned. This book helps in building expert knowledge of all aspects of long-term care management, including operations, human resources, patient advocacy, and information systems as well as emphasising the latest understandings of the long-term care continuum and patient-centred care for diverse populations. In addition to this, it also delivers practical approaches to providing quality care to individuals and making a positive impact on community wellbeing and prepares readers for and National Nursing Home Administrator's licensure exam.