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Medical Quality Management

Medical Quality Management

Pages: 413

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Giardino, Angelo P., Riesenberg, Lee Ann, Varkey, Prathibha (Eds.)

Book Description:

This comprehensive medical textbook is a compendium of the latest information on healthcare quality. The text provides knowledge about the theory and practical applications for each of the core areas that comprise the field of medical quality management as well as insight and essential briefings on the impact of new healthcare technologies and innovations on medical quality and improvement. The third edition provides significant new content related to medical quality management and quality improvement, a user-friendly format, case studies, and updated learning objectives. This textbook also serves as source material for the American Board of Medical Quality in the development of its core curriculum and certification examinations.

Each chapter is designed for a review of the essential background, precepts, and exemplary practices within the topical area:

•    Basics of Quality Improvement
•    Data Analytics for the Improvement of Healthcare Quality
•    Utilization Management, Case Management, and Care Coordination
•    Economics and Finance in Medical Quality Management
•    External Quality Improvement — Accreditation, Certification, and Education
•    The Interface Between Quality Improvement and Law
•    Ethics and Quality Improvement

With the new edition of Medical Quality Management: Theory and Practice, the American College of Medical Quality presents the experience and expertise of its contributors to provide the background necessary for healthcare professionals to assume the responsibilities of medical quality management in healthcare institutions, provide physicians in all medical specialties with a core body of knowledge related to medical quality management, and serve as a necessary guide for healthcare administrators and executives, academics, directors, medical and nursing students and residents, and physicians and other health practitioners.