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Musculoskeletal MRI, Second Edition

Musculoskeletal MRI, Second Edition

Pages: 1266

Publisher: CRC Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Asif Saifuddin, Philippa Tyler, Rikin Hargunani

Book Description:

Musculoskeletal MRI covers the entire musculoskeletal system and related conditions, both common and rare. The text is neatly divided into sections based on the major anatomic divisions. Each section discusses anatomic subdivisions or joints, keeping sections on normal anatomy and pathologic findings close to each other, allowing radiologists to easily compare images of normal and pathologic findings.

With more than 4000 high-quality MR images, information is presented in an easy-to-read bulleted format, providing the radiologist with all the information required to make an informed diagnosis in the clinical setting. The new edition also includes a complimentary eBook as well as access to image downloads. Comprehensive and user-friendly in its approach, the book provides every radiologist, both consultant and trainee, with increased confidence in their reporting.


•   Includes more than 4000 high-quality MR images showing everyday and rare pathologies
•    Covers the major joints: shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, pelvis/hip, knee and ankle/foot
•    Discusses arthropathy, pathology of the appendicular skeleton and the spine
•    Presents information in an easy-to-read, bulleted format
•    Features extensively referenced chapters for further research
•    Includes a complimentary eBook that enables users to access content anywhere