Patient's Healthcare Portfolio: A Practitioner’s Guide to Providing Tool for Patients

Patient\'s Healthcare Portfolio: A Practitioner’s Guide to Providing Tool for Patients

Pages: 160

Publisher: Productivity Press

Year of Publication: 2017

Author(s) : Rebecca Mendoza Saltiel Busch

Book Description:

As the healthcare market moves toward an era of patient engagement, population health and patient advocates, practitioners need a practical how-to guide that helps facilitate their teaching with patients and family members on not just writing down or accumulating a personal health record, but an interactive process that converts the personal health information into a data-driven decision-making process. Through numerous forms, templates and real life examples, the author provides the tools to help patients gather critical health information while minimizing their exposure to medical and financial errors.


•    Provides information for professionals targeted at medical and financial errors - tidbit on consumer beware to share with patients and their families
•    Includes core information that needs to be collected and controlled by the patient as medical errors typically result from the provider making a decision or recommendation without all the facts
•    Meets audit and compliance standards and imparts a structure to avoid errors by the patient
•    Addresses issues not just from doctors but insurance companies, employers, and other parties contributing to the management of a patient's health
•    Provides specific content for teaching and/or instruction for healthcare professionals so they can advocate for their patients

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