Pediatric Endocrinology

Pediatric Endocrinology

Pages: 400

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2021

Author(s) : Dattani, Mehul, Maghnie, Mohamad (Eds.)

Book Description:

Pediatric Endocrinology covers all of the main aspects of translational endocrinology and clinical practice, making it an ideal resource for both paediatricians and endocrinologists. The book emphasizes the newer translational aspects of the topics covered, as well as molecular advances in diagnosis and therapy, although clinical relevance, with a particular focus on evidence-based clinical management, remains paramount. Further, transitions from childhood to adolescence and adulthood are discussed wherever appropriate.

Written by a combination of respected and emerging experts in the field, this book is intended to serve as a major reference work for pediatric endocrinologists at all stages of their careers, as well as general pediatricians with an interest in endocrinology and diabetes, and endocrinologists in adult practice who may also treat children and adolescents.

The book is part of the SpringerReference program, which provides access to ‘living editions’ that are constantly updated using a dynamic peer-review publishing process.

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