Personalised Health Care

Personalised Health Care

Pages: 107

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Boccia, S., Ádány, R., Villari, P., Cornel, M.C., De Vito, C., Pastorino, R. (Eds.)

Book Description:

Practitioners are increasingly adopting a personalised medicine approach to individually tailored patient care, especially disease diagnosis and treatment with the use of biomarkers. However, development and implementation of such approaches to chronic disease prevention need further investigation and concerted efforts for proper use in healthcare systems. This book provides high-quality, multidisciplinary knowledge from research in personalised medicine, specifically personalised prevention of chronic disease. It addresses different perspectives of prevention in the field, and is the outcome of a four-year work of the Personalized prevention of Chronic Disease (PRECeDI) Consortium, a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional team of experts.

The Consortium jointly agreed to document and address the five aspects or domains of personalised medicine and prevention as individual chapters:

•    Identification of biomarkers for the prevention of chronic disease
•    Evaluation of predictive genomic applications
•    Ethico-legal and policy issues surrounding personalised medicine
•    Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in informing healthy individuals on their genome: a sociotechnical analysis
•    Identification of organisational models for the provision of predictive genomic applications
The book focuses on the Consortium's recommendations that are derived from each of these domains based on up-to-date evidence and research that the authors write, follow, and systematically organise and report.

Personalisation of health care is, eventually, a driver of innovation in research and healthcare systems. With this SpringerBrief on Personalised Health Care: Fostering Precision Medicine Advancements for Gaining Population Health Impact, the Consortium provides further evidence of the clinical validity and utility of personalised medicine with special emphasis on the prevention of chronic diseases. The book is a useful resource for policy makers, industry and healthcare professionals, scientists, technology-sector professionals, investors, citizens, and private companies that need proper advice to realise the potential of personalised medicine.

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