Principles And Practice Of Hospital Medicine, 2nd Edition

Principles And Practice Of Hospital Medicine, 2nd Edition

Pages: 2352

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Sylvia McKean, John Ross, Daniel Dressler and Danielle Scheurer

Book Description:

The second edition of Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine serves as the definitive guide to field of Hospital Medicine - updated, streamlined, and redesigned

Presented in full colour and enhanced by more than 600 illustrations, this authoritative text provides a solid background in all the important clinical, organizational, and administrative areas now required for the practice of hospital medicine. The goal of the book is provide trainees, junior and senior clinicians, and other professionals with a comprehensive resource that they can use to improve care processes and performance in the hospitals that serve their communities.

The second edition has been completely updated to reflect the field's latest trends and issues, such as value-based medicine, bedside clinical reasoning, and hospitalist care in the post-acute care setting. The book is also enhanced by an improved interior design and a more streamlined presentation.

Each chapter opens with boxed Key Clinical Questions that are addressed in the text and hundreds of tables encapsulate important information while case studies demonstrate how to apply the concepts covered in the text directly to the hospitalized patient

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