Superior Productivity In Healthcare Organizations, 2nd Edition

Superior Productivity In Healthcare Organizations, 2nd Edition

Pages: 240

Publisher: Health Professions Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Paul Fogel

Book Description:

Loaded with practical, enduring solutions, this book will help hospitals and health systems reclaim lost productivity in a surprisingly short time and at low cost. This completely up-to-date second edition introduces information on ways to improve the validity and accuracy of workload measures, and reflects current financial and workforce trends in healthcare services.

Based on the author’s direct experience with more than 70 hospitals, this text takes you step by step through the failure-free approach, from analysis to implementation of productivity standards and beyond. Dozens of incisive illustrations, tables, financial models, and case studies illuminate the text’s core concepts of measurement, accountability, simplicity, and fairness.

This book helps its readers learn to Develop and implement realistic and understandable labour standards, resolve core productivity concepts and management problems, avoid falling back on stopgap measures, such as layoffs, institute effective, customized monitoring systems and protocols, formulate new procedures to capture and build on what has been accomplished and so much more!

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