Treating Complex Trauma

Treating Complex Trauma

Pages: 216

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Greenberg, Tamara McClintock

Book Description:

This forward-thinking volume outlines several approaches to therapeutic treatment for individuals who have experienced complex childhood and adult trauma, providing a novel framework for helping patients with a number of  challenging symptoms, with clinical hypothesis testing and solid therapeutic relationships as a vital foundation. Responding to the intense disagreement and competition among clinicians championing their own approaches, the book identifies the strengths and limitations of multiple therapeutic approaches, addressing the need for qualified clinicians to be versed in multiple theories and techniques in order to alleviate suffering in their clients.

Among the topics discussed:

•    How to choose specific therapeutic methods and when to shift techniques
•    The neurobiology of trauma and management of fear
•    Cultural and ethnic considerations in trauma treatment
•    Addressing avoidance and creating a safe therapeutic environment
•    Management of dissociation, substance abuse, and anger

Treating Complex Trauma: Combined Theories and Methods serves as a practical guide for clinicians looking to expand their knowledge of approaches for treating complex trauma. It aims to provide clinicians with options for different therapeutic methods, along with the necessary context for them to select the most effective approach in their treatments.

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