Role Of Organizational Climate In Organizational Commitment: The Case Of Teaching Hospitals


The commitment of employees is affected by several factors, including factors related to the organizational climate. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between organizational commitment of nurses and the organizational climate in hospital settings.

A cross-sectional study was conducted in 2014 at two teaching hospitals in Yazd, Iran. A total of 90 nurses in these hospitals participated. We used stratified random sampling of the nursing population. The required data were gathered using two valid questionnaires: Allen and Meyer’s organizational commitment standard questionnaire and Halpin and Croft’s Organizational Climate Description Questionnaire. Data analysis was done through SPSS 20 statistical software (IBM Corp., Armonk, NY, USA). We used descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation coefficient for the data analysis.

The findings indicated a positive and significant correlation between organizational commitment and organizational climate. There is also a significant positive relationship between avoidance of organizational climate and affective commitment and between focus on production and normative and continuance commitment.

Improving the organizational climate could be a valuable strategy for improving organizational commitment.


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