Coagulation Analyzers Market

Physician preference to point of care coagulation analyzers that measure prothrombin time/international normalized ratio (PT/INR)is attributed to growth of global market.

•  Global Coagulation Analyzers market revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% over the forecast period (2017–2027)
•  By product type, standalone analyzers dominated the global market in 2016, and is expected to continue to do so. Also, increasing approvals for new products in the in-vitro/hemostasis diagnostics segment would further increase the adoption.
•  North America coagulation analyzers market accounted for largest revenue share of 37.8% in 2016
•  Western Europe is expected to experience highest CAGR of 7.8% over 2017–2027, primarily due to increase in coagulation diagnosis coupled with point of care diagnostics along with increase in industrial medical device manufacturing capacity. Also, rising healthcare reach in untapped markets may spur revenue growth during the forecast period.

Macro Factors:

•  Shift Towards Value-Based Healthcare Model
•  Increasing Global Healthcare Spending
•  Global Manufacturers Focusing on Emerging Market

Opportunities & Trends:

•  Growing Penetration of Point of Care Miniature Coagulation Analyzers
•  Leveraging Opportunities in Medical Device Manufacturing
•  Continuous Manufacturing: Process to Speed up Time-to-market


•  cIncreasing prevalence of chronic condition with lifestyle changes
•  Increasing awareness regarding chronic diseases
•  Increasing healthcare demand due to aging population
•  Changing government policies and regulations in diagnostics market


•  Macro-economic and geopolitical uncertainties
•  Uncontrolled healthcare expenditure
•  Excess and obsolete inventories
•  Stringent regulatory framework
•  Liquidity risk


•  Focus towards innovation
•  Optimization of technologies
•  Enhancing utility & automation
•  High growth for point of care coagulation analysis

Key Takeaways:

Overall Market Approach:

•  Manufacturers: Focus on developing innovative products to retain market share
   •  For instance, key players in global coagulation analyzer market are focusing on development of new technological advancements with additional parameters
   •  Adoption of innovative marketing strategy by Coagulation Analyzer manufacturers to gain market share
   •  Increased focus on point of care Instruments by manufacturers owing to increasing penetration of miniature coagulation instruments
   •  Paradigm shift from semi-automatic to automatic coagulation analyzers increases the efficiency and accuracy of results

Target Geographies:

  •  North America represents the most lucrative market, followed by Europe and APAC
   •  The Coagulation Analyzer market in MEA is expected to record comparatively less growth due to less penetration of diagnostic procedures among key stake holders such as patients and healthcare professionals

Differentiating Strategy:

•  Manufacturers are focused on developing Advanced Analyzers with lower pricing, thus expecting to increase their respective market shares
   •   The companies are focusing on outsourcing the manufacturing of coagulation analyzers in APAC region in order to reduce their manufacturing costs and thus competing in the market with reduced prices
•  Strengthening product portfolio through mergers and acquisitions
   •   Companies are entering into mergers and acquisitions to expand product portfolio and market presence globally