Healthcare IT Funding and M&A 2016 Fourth Quarter and Annual Report

The report covers the technologies listed below and the sub-technologies under them.

Technologies Covered in This Report

  • Global Healthcare IT/Digital Health venture capital funding grew nine percent YoY with more than $5 billion in 622 deals in 2016, compared to $4.6 billion in 574 deals in 2015.

  • Total corporate funding into Healthcare IT - including VC funding, debt and public market funding - came to $5.6 billion in 2016 compared to $8 billion in 2015.
  • VC funding for Healthcare IT companies in Q4 was $845 million in 159 deals compared to the $1.25 billion in 177 deals in Q3 2016.
  • Healthcare practice-focused companies raised $1.6 billion in 185 deals, accounting for about 32 percent of the total funding.
  • Consumer-focused companies received about $3.5 billion in 437 deals, accounting for 68 percent of the total funding raised.
  • The top funded Healthcare IT areas in 2016 included Mobile Apps, which received almost $1.3 billion, Wearable Sensors with $592 million, Data Analytics with $574 million, Telemedicine companies with $528 million, Mobile Wireless companies with $228 million, and Wellness with $218 million.
  • The top VC rounds in 2016 were the $500 million round by Ping An Good Doctor, Chunyu Yisheng’s $183 million, Flatiron Health’s $175 million, Jawbone’s $165 million, and Meet You with $151 million.
  • The average deal size in 2016 was $8.1 million, similar to 2015.
  • There were 35 countries that recorded Healthcare IT VC funding activity in 2016. Most of the funding was logged in the United States with over $3.4 billion in 431 deals. Countries other than the United States accounted for 33 percent of the total funding with more than $1.6 billion.


  • Within the United States, California companies continued to receive the most funding with $1.3 billion in 143 deals. New York was second with $440 million in 49 deals.
  • For the first time, Health IT investors crossed 1,000. A total of 1,115 investors (including accelerator/incubators) participated in VC funding rounds for Healthcare IT companies in 2016 compared to 923 in 2015.
  • There were 22 accelerators and incubators who participated in 83 deals in 2016, compared to 2015 which had 55 deals involving 14 accelerators and incubators.
  • Announced debt and public market financing for Healthcare IT companies fell to $533 million in 18 deals in 2016, compared to $3.4 billion in 29 deals in 2015.
  • There were four IPOs in 2016 raising a combined $234 million compared to seven IPOs in 2015 raising a total of $2.2 billion.

  • There were 205 Healthcare IT M&A transactions in 2016, slightly lower than the 219 transactions in 2015. There were 43 disclosed transactions in 2016 compared to 46 in 2015.
  • Practice-focused companies were involved in majority of M&A deals in 2016 with 131.
  • Consumer-focused companies were involved in 74 M&A deals in 2016.
  • HIM companies were involved in 89 M&A transactions followed by Mobile Health companies with 26, Data Analytics companies with 19, Telehealth and Personal Health companies with 18 each, and Scheduling, Rating & Comparison Shopping companies with 12.

About Mercom’s Healthcare IT Funding and M&A Report
Mercom was one of the first research firms to track funding and M&A activity in the Healthcare IT sector, starting in 2010.

Here is how our report is different: Our report includes deals of all sizes, globally, to present a complete picture of Healthcare IT funding and technology trends. As an independent research firm, we have no conflicts of interest with companies covered in this report.

  • This is the most comprehensive report covering funding and M&A deals of all sizes, globally. The trends revealed in this report give a more complete picture of the industry.
  • This report does not cover bioinformatics and medical devices.
  • All charts, graphs, and trends are clearly categorized and defined by technology and sub-technology groups.
  • This report includes concise deal information for every transaction.
  • This report covers historical trends.
  • As the industry evolves, our report evolves with it and we continuously improve the information, analysis, charts, and trends covered every quarter.

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