Carolinas HealthCare System to Invest $150 Million for Expansion at Levine Cancer Institute


Carolinas HealthCare System announced expansion of Levine Cancer Institute, including a second outpatient center, renovations to the existing research and administration headquarters, and related renovations to Carolinas Medical Center.


The new and expanded facilities will allow for further development of several cancer treatment areas, including heightened research efforts around novel treatments, as well as improvements to existing survivorship, palliative and rehabilitation programs that will support patients and their families throughout their care journey.

The new $150 million investment would include the construction of a seven-floor 260,000 square-foot advanced outpatient center adjacent to the Institute’s research and administration headquarters. This will expand hematologic, thoracic and gastrointestinal oncology practices available in the region. The Institute will also expand hematologic oncology, infusion capacity and specialty pharmacy capabilities, and will continue to grow its survivorship programs, fully integrated palliative services, rehabilitation and telemedicine services.

In addition to the new building, enhancements will include the brachytherapy and urological programs. A portion of the funding will also be used to create a 32-bed advanced clinical unit in Carolinas Medical Center capable of treating all advanced cancer patients, which will support the Institute's blood and marrow transplant unit, which has surpassed expectations since its opening in January 2014.


Name Carolinas HealthCare System
Location Charlotte, NC
Type Expansion
Estimated Cost $150 Million