Horizon Health Breaks Ground on US$56 million Coronary Care Unit in Canada

Horizon Health is investing US$56 million to build a new Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at The Moncton Hospital.

The new unit will expand cardiac care with an additional 2,600 square metres (approximately 28,000 square feet) within the hospital's premises.

The upcoming two-storey Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) expansion aims to create a significantly larger and advanced space for cardiac care within the existing hospital premises.

The CCU will have 8 beds for coronary care and 30 beds for cardiac and medical needs. This new facility will support growing community, as it will provide excellent and safe healthcare for people dealing with different heart problems.

In this new CCU, patients with heart issues and their families will have more comfortable private rooms. The aim is to make patients feel more at ease, safe, and private during their time at the hospital.

The Moncton Hospital investment on the new Coronary Care Unit will make the healthcare system better.

The construction of the new CCU is expected to be completed in 2026.

Name      Horizon Health 
Type        New Construction
Budget    US$56 million
Year         2026