HUS Board Approves Project Plan for Siltasairaala Hospital


The HUS board of Directors have approved the project plan for the Siltasairaala hospital.


The Siltasairaala hospital will be located in the Meilahti campus area. The hospital will replace the current Toolo hospital including the  part of the current Department of Oncology. The hospital serves as a bridge between the Tower Hospital and the Department of Oncology.

The project cost of Siltasairaala hospitals is estimated at US$345 million.

The Siltasairaala hospital will be a digital hospital of the future with nearly 50 electrical, telecommunications and safety systems.

The integrated digital systems will make work easier for medical staff by reducing overlaps. Patient comfort on the premises will improve.

Construction of the Siltasairaala hospital will begin in 2018, and the project is expected to be completed by 2022.

The scope of the project in terms of gross floor area is approximately 71,500 m2, including the hospital and the radiotherapy facilities.

The hospital will  comprise of five floors in the lowest part of the complex to nine floors in the highest part.

It will include 215 beds in four wards, 58 intensive care unit beds, 69 day-hospital treatment places, 16 operating theaters, outpatient clinics, a restaurant, and lecture and teaching premises.

The Granlund-Ramboll consulting group will be responsible for the project's building services.


Name Siltasairaala Hospital
Location USA
Type Construction
Parties Involved Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa HUS, Granlund-Ramboll consulting group  and SRV
Budget US$345 million
Schedule 2022
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