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OU Health Invests US$140.6 million to Construct Behavioural Health Centre in Oklahoma, USA

OU Health plans to invest US$140.6 million to construct new paediatric behavioural health centre. The centre will be located in Oklahoma, USA.

This centre will be a groundbreaking facility, prioritising top-tier treatment and support for individuals facing mental and behavioural health challenges.

Its innovative design and approach will set new standards in care, aiming to provide unparallelled quality and support for those in need.

This 172,775-square-foot, three-storey facility will play a crucial role, specifically allocating two floors to inpatient services. Within these floors, there will be 72 beds available for individuals requiring both short-term stabilisation and long-term care.

This facility will offer both inpatient and outpatient services, fostering an environment tailored for family involvement and the healing process. Situated adjacent to Oklahoma Children’s, it aims to provide comprehensive care in a setting conducive to family participation and overall healing.

The centre aims to address a significant gap in Oklahoma's current healthcare landscape. By offering access to specialised expertise, it intends to bridge the existing disparity, ensuring patients and families receive comprehensive care for a wide spectrum of conditions.

The Behavioural Health Centre is set to become fully operational by December 2026.

Name      OU Health
Type        New Construction
Budget    US$140.6 million
Year        2026