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PMB and Santa Clara Valley Healthcare Break Ground on New Medical Facility in California, USA

PMB and Santa Clara Valley Healthcare plan to open a new healthcare facility focusing on medical services in California, USA.

The upcoming 230,000 square-foot medical office building, is designed to offer integrated services in a single, accessible location.

The building houses 16 departments dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services, including adult medicine, OB/Gyn subspecialities, urgent adult care, behavioural health, dental care, diagnostic imaging, facility support services, maternal and foetal medicine, patient support services, paediatric primary care, paediatric subspecialities, urgent paediatric care, pharmacy, specimen collection lab, and administrative facilities.

This facility aims to cater to various healthcare needs and provide convenience for community members seeking diverse medical support.

The 10-storey VHC San Jose features lower levels adorned with intricate aluminium screens, interacting with daylight to create dynamic plays of light and shadow. These screens also enhance the area's walkability.

The upper floors step back, forming terraces exclusively designated for the staff. With a glass façade, the building not only enhances its visual allure but also optimises natural light, fostering a pleasant and comfortable indoor setting.

Anticipated completion for construction of this state-of-the-art medical facility is slated for late 2025.

Name    PMB and Santa Clara Valley Healthcare
Type      New Construction
Year      2025