Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Plans for New Orthopedic Center


Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Somerset, plans for the expansion of new orthopedic center.The center will be constructedabove the Orthopedics Pavilion and Emergency Department (ED)existing building.


The new orthopedic center is a two-story building designed with an area covering 76,600-square-foot. The newly constructed centerwill house35 fully private patient rooms, ED Rapid Decision Unit and a rehab gym dedicated for orthopedic patients.The private rooms will be fully furnished with sleeper sofas, USB ports and work servicesto ensure privacy and comfort for patients.

The expansion of 10-room Rapid Decision Unit will be completely dedicated for patients waiting for test results, requiring additional observation thus increasing comfort for patients and families.

The orthopedic center remains as an excellent facility ensuring to engage all the orthopedic patients in one area, thus enhance care for patients. Moreover, the facility also increasesprivacy and safety for patients, families, and staff across the hospital.

The center will provide high quality pre-and post-operative care for joint surgery patients eliminating the need to travel for surgery and rehabilitation.

The construction is expected to begin in summer 2022.


Name Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH)
Type New Construction
Year Expected to begin in 2022
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