St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Plans for Research Center in Memphis


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is investing US$412 million to develop an advanced research center in Memphis, Tennessee.


The advanced research center is designed as an interactive hub of exploration and discovery and is the major component of a US$1 billion capital expansion of the St. Jude Campus.

More than 625,000 square feet center is designed to attract new scientists and clinicians to St. Jude by fostering research and collaboration. The venture is  set to be  intiatedin the spring 2018 and is expected to open in 2021.

Architecturally, the center will be an interactive and interdisciplinary environment designed for generating new ideas.

The labs and spaces of the research center will be designed to enable researchers to collaborate openly and across departments.

Natural light will be streamed into the center through courtyards and open atriums and will feature numerous ‘interaction zones’, uniting key disciplines of science.

Furthermore, the advanced research center will integrate a powerful combination of talent and technology  in a space designed to propel discovery.

Scientists and clinicians can readily access to leading-edge resources and opportunities to pursue breakthroughs in hopes of accelerating progress in treating and curing catastrophic pediatric diseases.

It will also feature state-of-the-art labs focusing on immunology, neurobiology, cell and molecular biology, gene editing, metabolomics, advanced microscopy, epigenetics, genomics, immunotherapy, and RNA biology.

The advanced research center helps to understand and treat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

The center will be equipped with the world’s most sophisticated technologies and equipment to speed up the discoveries that will save children.

The advanced research center will have two of eight floors slated for future expansion and evolving technology.


Name St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Location USA
Type Construction
Parties Involved St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Budget US$412 million
Schedule 2021
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