Swedish Medical Center Gets New Interim Modular Sterilization Facility


Swedish Medical Center gets a new interim modular sterilization facility.


RAD Technology Medical Systems partnering with STERIS Corporation provided the interim facility to ensure the building contains the fully equipped sterilization equipments they needed.

STERIS worked to supply the appropriate washing, decontamination and sterilization equipment required to support the entire sterile processing needs of the Swedish surgical staff during the construction of their new hospital tower.

A majority of the equipment was installed saving the additional time. The new facility consists of a two story, 12,000 SF building with modular elevators and sterilization equipments.

The facility is built as if it were to be used for 50 years. While mobile trailer solutions have been used to replace individual pieces of sterilization equipment, the challenge of replacing an entire department for a multiple of years needed a new approach.

Swedish will be capable to demolish their existing site after the RAD sterilization processing facility is complete. The centre will start the construction on the new hospital tower.


Name Swedish Medical Center
Location USA
Type Construction
Parties Involved Swedish Medical Center, RAD Technology, STERIS