The Valley Hospital Plans to Build a New, State-of-the-Art Hospital in Paramus


The Valley Hospital has announced its plans to build a new, state-of-the-art hospital in Paramus.


The new facility will allow valley to meet the long-term healthcare needs of northern New Jersey and ensures that residents have access to the highest quality of care.
Hospital officials anticipate ground breaking in 2019 and it could open in 2023. Although there are no formal designs for the facility yet, it is said that the facility will be a 372-bed hospital with about 910, 000 square foot that will range in height from three to seven stories.
The facility will be designed, constructed, operated and maintained using ‘green’ or environmentally friendly principles and processes and will be in full compliance with the Paramus' zoning ordinances.

The new facility will have single-patient rooms only. This will allow people to have shorter stays at the hospital, reducing the amount of sleep disturbance and lower the rate of infection.

It includes a broad range of healthcare services, including an urgent-care center, and laboratory, radiology and endoscopy services.

Audrey Meyers, president and CEO of the hospital and Valley Health System states that the ‘new’ valley hospital will combine Valley’s exceptional level of care and dedicated staff with the latest innovations and advancements in healthcare.

According to Meyer, the new cutting edge facility will allow them to raise the bar in providing world class healthcare. This helps people and families live healthier and strengthening the communities.

On the other hand, Valley Ridgewood campus will be repurposed into a laboratory and radiology urgent care center, and endoscopy center.

The new hospital will be US$735 million project, according to Meyers. The ‘New’ Valley Hospital means increased services for patients, more jobs for area residents, and greater access for families across northern New Jersey to the latest advancements in healthcare now and in future.

In addition, the hospital will incorporate cutting-edge technology and the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare facility design. It is being designed from the ground up to integrate innovative technology and the flexibility required to accommodate new and emerging healthcare models.

The plans for the new hospital also call for the creation of universally sized rooms for surgery and procedures.

These rooms will be designed to accommodate the latest in healthcare technology and meet all of the standards to allow them to be used for general surgery, minimally invasive robotic surgery, cardiac catheterizations or endovascular procedures.


Name The Valley Hospital
Location Paramus, USA
Type Construction
Estimated Cost US$735m
Parties Involved The Valley Hospital
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