UVA Medical Center to Expand Emergency Department, Surgical Services into a New Facility


The UVA Medical Center will expand the Emergency Department, Surgical services and inpatient care into a new facility.


The UVA Medical Center is currently amidst a large construction project and it is occurring on the east end of University Hospital at the corner of Lee Street and Crispell Drive.

Above the new facility, a second helipad will be constructed, allowing  multiple landing areas for Pegasus, the iconic critical care team for air and ground support, and other rotary wing aircraft transporting patients to UVA.

The construction of the center requires 4, 000 tons of steel and 17, 632 cubic yards of concrete. It will add 43 beds to the Emergency Department, for a total of 80 beds.

It will be helpful on providing additional private patient rooms. This project is expected to cost nearly US$394 million.

The 475,000 square foot expansion will provide 8 floors of private rooms.

The new emergency room is expected to open in the summer of 2019 and the private patient rooms in 2020.

The project also calls for renovations to existing infrastructure which is set to be completed in 2021.

The capabilities and opportunities of the Level I trauma center will be enhanced and the project supports the mission of the UVA Health System.


Name UVA Medical Center
Location Virginia, USA
Type Expansion
Parties Involved UVA Medical Center
Budget US$394 million
Schedule Scheduled to open in 2019