West Park Healthcare Centre Unveils Plans for New US$1.2 billion Toronto Hospital


West Park Healthcare Centre unveiled plans to build a massive new construction project with US$1.2 Billion.


The project will include the construction of a new six-storey hospital.

It will feature 80 per cent of the beds being in single-patient rooms, with each inpatient having a private three-piece washroom for improved infection control.

There will also be a significant increase in outpatient care space to serve double the current patient volume.

The hospital is scheduled to open in 2023. The West Park development will be included with world-class hospital facilities.

It will enhance the role of the 27-acre campus' natural surroundings through terraces on every floor, many outdoor therapeutic spaces as well as numerous trails and gardens.

The redevelopment represents our opportunity to create a new integrated campus of care where nature and healing intersect inside and out.

The new West Park Healthcare Centre will support patients and families in Toronto by providing access to therapeutic spaces for generations to come.

The  hospital will offer specialized rehabilitative and complex care while focusing on bringing peace of mind to patients rehabilitating from a life-altering illness or injury.



West Park Healthcare Centre




US$1.2 billion

Parties Involved

West Park Healthcare Centre


Scheduled to be operational in 2023