Rapid Molecular Diagnostic Test For Zika Virus With Low Demands On Sample Preparation And Instrumentation

Authors: Kevin E. Eboigbodin, Mirko Brummer, Tuomas Ojalehto, Mark Hoser


Zika virus has only recently gained attention due to recent large outbreaks worldwide. An easy to use nucleic acid amplification test could play an important role in the early detection of the infection and patient management. Here, we report a rapid and robust isothermal nucleic acid amplification assay for the detection of Zika virus. The method is cost-effective and compatible with portable instrumentation, enabling near patient testing and field use.

Zika, Virus, Diagnostics, RNA, Isothermal, Amplification, Portable, Outbreak

Citation: Kevin E. Eboigbodin, Mirko Brummer, Tuomas Ojalehto,Mark Hoser Rapid Molecular Diagnostic Test ForZika Virus With Low Demands On Sample Preparation And Instrumentation http://dx.doi.org/10.1/j.diagmicrobio.2016.08.027

Published online: September 01, 2016, Accepted: August 29, 2016, Received in revised form: August 24, 2016, Received: April 6, 2016

Copyright: © 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND
license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/).

Authors Contributions

KE conceived the study, KE, TO and MB designed the experiments, KE and TO performed the experiments, KE, TO, MB and MH analyzed results, KE TO MB MH wrote the manuscript.

Competing Interest

KE TO MB employees of Orion Diagnostica Oy. All SIBA patents/patent applications are owned by Orion Diagnostica Oy. MH has no conflict of interest.


We like to thankDr. Livia Schrick, Robert KochInstitute, Germany for providing the Zika virus standard.

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