A Breakthrough Patented Device; HiResTM Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant Launched

Advanced Bionics launched a breakthrough patented device called HiRes Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant.

It is hassle-free and pain-free choice for the patients who undergo high-resolution MRI scans. There is no need to surgically remove the new multi-magnet assembly and no requirement for head bandaging, meaning no hearing downtime for the patient.

The innovative Ultra 3D multi-magnet assembly is capable of aligning with the magnetic field of the MRI scanner irrespective of patient orientation or movement.

It allows the adults and pediatric cochlear implant (CI) wearers to safely undergo high-resolution scanning, such as Tesla 3.0 MRI, without any operation or head bandaging.

MRI scanning has become increasingly commonplace as a diagnostic tool for a wide variety of medical conditions. Before the development of the MRI-compatible CI magnet technology, wearers and healthcare professionals had to contend with the magnetic field from MRI machines exerting force on the CI magnet inside the head, causing torque and subsequent pain.

However, these problems were managed to some extent using head bandaging and careful alignment of the MRI field with cochlear, It was common practise to remove magnets for high-resolution MRI examinations, requiring the out-patient operation and interrupting the patient's hearing during the scan.

The HiRes Ultra 3D, developed new multi-magnet technology that is compatible with MRI scans, giving cochlear implant wearers the peace of mind while an MRI examination. The multi-magnet assembly is designed to withstand repeated exposure to MRI procedures without any loss of magnetic strength or mobility of the magnet assembly components.