Ascyrus Medical Aortic Dissection Stent Device Developed to Treat Acute Type A Dissections

Ascyrus Medical has developed the Aortic Dissection Stent (AMDS) device that is used to treat acute Type A dissections, a life-threatening condition that requires urgent repair.

In this condition, the lining of the abdominal aorta becomes detached from the wall of the vessel and usually requires immediate open-heart surgery.

The device is specifically designed to protect against post-surgery adverse outcomes prompted by anastomotic tears.

It is designed as an adjunct to the current standard surgical treatment, which has a high rate of mortality and repeat procedures due to malperfusion and continued growth of the aorta.

The AMDS is designed to reduce the risk of mortality and reoperations, without adding significant time or complexity to the procedure.

The AMDS device has been granted a breakthrough device designation from the US Food and Drug Administration.

This breakthrough device was supported by a monitored type A dissection trial in Canada and Germany. The results showed a significant reduction in mortality and re-interventions, without any device-related adverse events.