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Breakthrough Device Immunopheresis™ Therapy Designed to Address Critical Unmet Cancer Patient Needs

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants Breakthrough Device designation for Immunicom’s Immunopheresis™ therapy for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease patients.

The breakthrough therapy depends on a proprietary technology that specifically removes immune inhibitors from a patient’s blood circulation system without implanting new substances which results in enhancing the natural immune system to more effectively counter the cancer tumors.

Immunicom’s Immunotherapy is significant in providing a more effective diagnosis for life-threatening irreversibly debilitating diseases.

The novel treatment depends on a subtractive approach which is possibly expected to decrease the adverse effects associated with cancer treatment.

It is proved through the study and testing conducted by Immunicom Inc for immunotherapy to be a prominent breakthrough treatment that helps in enhancing anti-cancer immune system response without causing any unwanted side effects.

It was achieved by removing immune system inhibitors from the blood without introducing new substances.

The initial phase of immunotherapy product will be used for treating late/end stage IV cancer patients with metastatic solid tumors.