Breakthrough Device Life Foamâ„¢ Treats Hemostatic and Wounds

gel-e has launched a breakthrough device Life FoamTM to treat hemostatic and wounds.

Life Foam can rapidly provide temporary control of bleeding from non-compressible abdominal wounds that are not amenable to tourniquet application in trauma and battlefield conditions.

Life foam saves the lives of those injured in battle, or that are the victims of traumatic accidents or even terrorist attacks.

Life Foam is designed to expand once it is delivered into the abdominal cavity, where it can seek out the cause of bleeding and reliably stabilise the patient.

Once this is injected a trained trauma surgeon repairs the damage in a controlled surgical environment, reducing the risks of loss of life. Life Foam is currently in pre-clinical development for the treatment of patients with injuries sustained in battlefield conditions or where life-threatening internal bleeding occurs away from immediate urgent care.

Life Foam is just one of the products from gel-e to develop internal and surgical applications, all of which will be based on a technology platform that enhances the adhesive characteristics of abundant and inexpensive natural biopolymers.

Through proprietary modifications, these advanced materials can be designed to be durable, biocompatible, bioresorbable and highly functional.

The versatility of gel-e’s approach allows the development and commercialisation of products for internal application, including both open and minimally invasive (e.g. laparoscopic) surgical procedures.

Trauma from accidents is the third leading cause of death in the US. Approximately 85% of all haemorrhage-related deaths result from non-compressible internal bleeding, a condition that results from intracavitary (e.g. abdominal) bleeding that is not accessible to direct pressure and cannot be controlled by traditional methods, such as gauze or a tourniquet.