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Breakthrough Pelvic Fixation and Fusion Technology Developed for iFuse Bedrock Granite implant system (Granite)

SI-BONE, Inc developed breakthrough fusion technology. iFuse Bedrock Granite implant system (Granite)provides sacroiliac fusion and sacropelvic fixation and acts as an foundational element for segmental spinal fusion.

The new device designed with granite will helps to meet the specific demands of the sacropelvic anatomy. Over 20 per cent of all cases face reoperations after undergoing spinal deformity surgery.

Reoperation including time, cost and patient discomfort standpointis an expensive process. Hence, iFuse Bedrock Granite lowers reoperations and improves patient outcomes with less cost to the system.

Pedicle screws were designed for pedicles. Spine surgeons normally use anchoring screws into the pelvis to strengthen the base of the spinal constructs, on the other hand surgeons simply use longer and larger diameter pedicle screws in iliac and sacro-alar iliac trajectories.

Studies suggest that significant issues such as screw loosening, post-operative sacroiliac joint pain and hardware failure arise due to this procedure.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants 510(k) premarket clearance for iFuse Bedrock Granite implant system (Granite).