Breakthrough Sunflower Rx™ Device Discovered for Alzheimer's disease

JustLight, discovered breakthrough medical device Sunflower Rx™ for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Sunflower Rx™ makes use of smart photobiomodulation (PBM) for treating Alzheimer's disease. Photobiomodulation treatment energesises, heals and repairs the cells in ones body without having any side effects with the help of red or near-infrared light.

Sunflower Rx™uses near-infrared light of definite wavelengths to bypass the skull and be directly absorbed by the brain. Sunflower Rx™, after continuosly used for six weeks has shown positive improvements or stable cognition scores based on standard clinical measures.

Photomoduation has shown positive results and it can safely reverse cognitive decrease for people living with Alzheimer's.

The major advantage of photobiomodulation treatment is that it is effective and can be used at home by automatically adjusting the LED Light output to replicate clinical parameters.

The Sunflower Rx™ device designed with revolutionary technology is considered to be the safest and effective Alzheimer's medical device with world’s first FDA clerance.

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