Burning Rock Developed Novel Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test

Burning Rock has developed novel OverC™ Multi-Cancer Detection Blood Test (MCDBT). The test represents a significant advancement in cancer screening and early detection.

OverC™ MCDBT is designed for the early detection of multiple types of cancer in adults aged 50 to 75 years who are at average risk for cancer.

The test demonstrated a sensitivity of 69.1 percent in the case-control study known as THUNDER. Sensitivity refers to the ability of the test to correctly identify individuals with cancer, so a sensitivity of 69.1 percent indicates that it can detect cancer in a substantial portion of cases.

It showed a high specificity of 98.9 percent in the THUNDER study. Specificity measures the ability of the test to correctly identify individuals without cancer, indicating that it has a low rate of false positives.

OverC™ MCDBT is also noted for its tissue traceability capabilities, which is the ability to identify the origin of the cancer in the body.

The test has a prediction accuracy of 83.2 percent for the primary traceability organ (TPO1). This suggests that it can identify the primary organ or tissue from which the cancer originates in a significant proportion of cases.

When identifying both the primary and secondary traceability organs (TPO2), the test achieved a high prediction accuracy of 91.7 percent. This indicates that the test can not only identify the primary site of the cancer but also has a good accuracy in determining if the cancer has spread to secondary sites.