C2N Diagnostics to Launch Brain Amyloidosis Test

C2N Diagnostics will launch the brain amyloidosis blood test for the initial screening of amyloid pathology in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The blood test is used to screen for brain amyloid pathology in individuals being assessed for an Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis.

The C2N blood test would become the first blood-based screening test to predict brain Amyloid PET scan results in adults with memory complaints or dementia.

The test will provide initial screening information to help doctors determine the need for further diagnostic testing.

Amyloid PET imaging is costly and is difficult to access. It helps to expose individuals who do not have Alzheimer’s Disease to unnecessary radiation.

Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers require a spinal tap, a needle insertion into the lower part of the back.

The blood test is a simple, safe blood-based screening test and it would be the first step in a multistage Alzheimer’s Disease diagnostic process.

It would improve the speed and efficiency of the overall diagnostic process, and also afford significant cost savings to healthcare systems.

The C2N blood test will improve the development of new drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease.

It is a screening test that pre-selects trial candidates more likely to have brain amyloidosis that could decrease the screen failure rate and the overall time and cost of developing effective drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease.

The test also receives breakthrough device designation from US FDA.