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Carlsmed Introduced Novel Aprevo® Technology for Cervical Spine Disease

Carlsmed has introduced a novel aprevo® technology for the treatment of patients with cervical spine disease. 

This innovative approach combines personalised interbody devices with preoperative planning for cervical procedures, offering surgeons a more reliable means of achieving optimal alignment tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Carlsmed's digital technology platform specialises in creating custom fusion devices for individual patients. These bespoke aprevo® devices are fabricated using 3D printing technology, meticulously sterilised, and then delivered directly to the hospital for use in surgery.

One critical aspect addressed by this technology is the maintenance of sagittal balance following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedures. Ensuring proper sagittal balance is essential for reducing the risk of subsequent degeneration at adjacent spinal levels.

In the United States, there are over 350,000 cervical fusion surgeries conducted annually, and this number is increasing at a rate nearly twice as fast as lumbar fusion surgeries. 

The FDA has granted Carlsmed's aprevo® device a breakthrough device designation, in advancing the treatment of cervical spine disease.