CobasĀ® Prime Pre-analytical Novel System Developed by Roche

Roche develops Cobas® prime Pre-Analytical System to simplify workflow in molecular laboratories. This solution is designed to automate all common manual steps in molecular diagnostics laboratories.

This system reduces repetitive manual tasks related to processing the wide variety and high volume of sample tubes, vials and containers which are normally seen in today's molecular lab.

Cobas prime Pre-analytical System is introduced in molecular diagnostics laboratory, including vortexing, decapping, aliquoting, barcode labeling, reagent addition and heating to automate all common pre-analytic steps. The complete end-to-end pre-analytical solution also features cross-contamination control of molecular samples, including samples from women's health, microbiology and virology disease areas for use in diagnostic testing.

Fully automated cobas prime pre-analytical system, enables to provide high level of automation for consistent, high-quality pre-analytics leading to positive results from downstream instruments.

Cobas®, designed with innovative solutions significantly improves lab automation to reduce manual errors and increase confidence in results. It is now commercially available in the US and markets accepting the CE mark.

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