Corvia Medical's IASD to Treat Heart Failure

Corvia Medical has launched a new Interatrial Shunt Device (IASD) to treat heart failure.

IASD is a transcatheter device to treat Heart Failure with P reserved (HFpEF) and Mid-range Ejection Fraction(HFmrEF).

After creating a small opening in the atrial septum, the implant is deployed that acts as a passage between the left and right atria to allow the left atrium to decompress at rest and during physical activity, reducing the left atrial pressure.

Furthermore, the continuous and dynamic decompression of the left atrium could improve heart failure symptoms, enable a better quality of life, minimise hospitalisation rates for heart failure and reduce the overall cost burden of heart failure patient management.

IASD is currently undergoing a multi-national prospective, double-blind, sham-controlled trial randomising 608HFpEF and HFmrEF patients across the US, Canada, European Union, Australia, and Japan.