3i Diagnostics Announces it Breakthrough Device Biospectrix TM

3i Diagnostics’ new technology BiospectrixTM received Breakthrough Device Designation from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).BiospectrixTM helps to detect and identify bacteria directly from the whole blood in less than an hour.

BiospectrixTM technology addresses unmet medical needs for life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions thereby helping patients gain timely access to these medical devices.

Biospectrix helps to identify a broad range of bacteria in <1>

The technology can help initiate treatment using the appropriate antibiotic rapidly, and potentially reduce bacteria-related mortality, complications, and treatment costs.

It can be used as a toolkit to aid physicians in making treatment-related decisions.

The technology employs a microfluidics chip with tiny channels and reservoirs engraved into plastic bags that capture the sample of whole blood.

Inertial forces are used to separate blood cells by size by Biospectric. After this separation, blood cells are forced through a nanoscale filter that breaks down the blood cells into fragments smaller than bacteria, or other microbes, allowing the microbes to collect unharmed.

Using another filtering process, blood cell debris is removed, and excess water is taken out to leave concentrated microbes on a surface made transparent for infrared examination.

Furthermore, infrared is used to perform a spectrometry analysis where the absorption of rays by the captured microbes form unique molecular signatures.

The technology helps to identify a broad range of bacteria, without making prior guesses or assumptions.

Biospectrix technology can increase the survival rate for dangerous sepsis infections to more than 80 percent from the current 30 percent, as well as reduce unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics that feed the problem of resistance to these drugs.

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