DNAe Develops Compact Sequencing System Device, First Assay

DNA Electronics (DNAe) has developed a compact sequencing device platform ‘LiDia-SEQ’ and a first assay.

The device can be operable by non-specialist users, enabling genomic analysis to address urgent medical needs.

The new platform has been built based on advanced semiconductor sequencing leveraging a silicon chip to detect ions released in the step-by-step construction of nucleic acids, e.g. DNA.

The platform has been designed to rapidly identify infectious agents and AMR markers directly from whole blood specimens, to enable faster treatment with targeted therapeutics.

The solution automates the entire process, from raw sample to actionable report, in a cartridge-contained, hands-free format, which can be used in diverse environments.

The device supports a variety of rapid and cost-effective tests, including for communicable disease diagnostics, cancer, infection control, and preparedness and response for pandemics.

This sequencing system is poised to revolutionize treatment, particularly of antibiotic-resistant infections, addressing a critical unmet need. The platform will enable faster treatment with targeted therapeutics, improving patient outcomes, by rapidly detecting and identifying infectious agents and the most prevalent AMR markers directly from whole blood specimens.

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