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Endosound, Inc Discovered Breakthrough EndoSound Vision Ultrasound System

Endosound, Inc discovered breakthrough innovative EndoSound Vision Ultrasound System.

The add-on endosound vision system consisting of a reusable transducer, compact ultrasound beamformer and a disposable mounting kit fastens the upper gastrointestinal (GI) video endoscope by making it convert into endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) system.

The unique distal attachment of the EndoSound Vision System allows endoscopists to perform advanced procedures accurately by making use of fine needle biopsy without making it controversial elevator mechanism which are most commonly seen in other linear echo-endoscopes.

This innovative EndoSound Vision System eliminates the need for elevator mechanism by providing precision and imaging required for complex EUS procedures.

The EndoSound Vision System removes the patient safety concerns associated with elevator mechanism over the past few years.

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