EyeYon Medical Develops Novel Implant to Treat Chronic Corneal Edema

EyeYon Medical has developed a new polymer film implant, ‘EndoArt®’, an artificial endothelial layer that is attached to the posterior corneal surface.

This novel implant is used for the treatment of chronic corneal edema secondary to endothelial dysfunction.

When an endothelium becomes dysfunctional, due to the excess fluid flowing into the cornea, it leads to corneal homeostasis loss which may result in severe vision loss.

EndoArt® is minimally invasive, suture-free, designed to replace dysfunctional endothelium in patients where human donor tissue has failed to cure edema.

The EndoArt® implant passed a series of comprehensive in-vitro and in-vivo testing following regulatory requirements. The EndoArt® is at the beginning of First in Human trials.

The initial results have presented the feasibility and safety of implantingEndoArt®.
Furthermore, EndoArt® has demonstrated a significant improvement in the corneal edema status of implanted patients.

Presently, there's no efficient solution for patients with corneal edema other than undergoing corneal transplant surgery and around 13 million patients are looking for corneal tissue across the globe.

EndoArt® has obtained the breakthrough designation from the U.S. FDA for the device.