First Hand Portable Laser Therapy System Developed

LumaCare™ has unveiled its first hand-portable low-level laser therapy system, The LumaCare Duo™.

The LumaCare Duo™ is a handheld, wireless, and rechargeable ‘Cold Laser’ device designed for mature adults, healthcare professionals, and active lifestyle adults.

LumaCare Duo™ utilises two emitter heads instead of one. Hence, Lumacare™ expects many users will be able to see faster results with its pulsating, triple wavelength Cold Laser solution.

The device features two rotating emitter heads, one each at opposite ends of jointed arms, to offer nearly 180 degrees of motion for delivering pulsating spectrums of therapeutic light to injured body parts.

Depending upon the injury location, users can adjust the two articulating arms and the dual rotational emitter heads of the patent-pending LumaCare Duo™ to direct therapeutic laser light at injured tissue from two directions at the same time.

Additionally, having two emitter heads also allows LumaCare Duo™ users to focus more Infrared and visible Red light over a wider area if needed. And naturally, users may also choose to implement only one emitter head if that is what the treatment protocol requires.

The choice of motion of the LumaCare Duo is approximately 90 degrees per arm, and approximately 135 degrees per emitter head, with a total range of approximately 180 degrees when the device is fully open.

LumaCare Duo treatments help deliver improved patient outcomes by increasing blood flow, boosting oxygenation, reducing inflammation and pain, and enhancing cellular recovery from traumatic and chronic injuries.