World’s First Medical Smart Watch Launched for Monitoring Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen

Taiwan Biophotonic Co. (tBPC) announced the launch of its oCareTM Pro 100, the world’s first medical smart watch for monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen.

This first finger-free wrist pulse oximeter helps to move forward in the wearable healthcare and medical devices space. The oCareTM Pro 100 provides a non-invasive, simple and reliable method to measure and record heart rate and blood oxygen saturation on the wrist, without hindering wires and a fingertip probe that clamps on the finger.

This device is designed to follow adult users for use in checking and/or recording of specific physiological parameters. Users can check these parameters in hospitals, hospital-type facilities, and a home environment.

Professional users can upload timely data measured during daily activities or sleeping for physical or clinical evaluation.

This device encounters life-threatening situations at low blood oxygen levels for OSA patients who have breathing problems.

tBPC's oCareTM Pro 100 is a medical smart watch and it is built with a DOE Lens Reflective PPG Sensor (oCareTM Sensor) mounted on the bottom of watchcase, making its application site the wrist skin.

There are two or more light emitting diodes (LEDs) on DOE Lens Reflective PPD Sensor and one or more photo-diode light detectors (Pds) located side-by-side on a substrate.

Light beams are shone from LEDs through the skin to the arteriolar bed of the tissue. The arteriolar bed absorbs variable amounts of light during the pulsations.

The Pds as scattered light that is reflected back from the pulsating arteriolar bed makes changes in light absorption during the pulsing cycle. The ratio of light absorbed is translated into a measurement of heart rate and functional oxygen saturation.

tBPC's oCareTM Pro 100 is poised to revolutionize healthcare, yielding significantly more insights into one's overall health status and performance than tracking heart rates alone.

The blood oxygen level is actually another important vital sign which provides the health condition of both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. tBPC's oCareTM Pro 100 can help users avoid life-threatening situations by checking heart rate and blood oxygen levels before starting exercise, and assist runners in maintaining healthy blood oxygen level at all times by helping them to work out properly and breathe thoroughly.

Key Features & Product Information

•  Measures heart rate and blood oxygen saturation directly on the wrist without connecting a cable or clamping a probe on the finger
•  Smart watch with medical-grade accuracy and safety which compiles with related European Medical Devices Directives and US FDA Guidelines, and were validated by IRB regulated human clinical trials
•  Easy-to-read 65K color OLED graphic display
•  Built-in memory for up to 72 hours of data storage
•  Peripheral micro-USB connector used as the battery charging port
•  Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
•  Warning alarms in response to abnormal conditions with lighting indicator and/or wrist vibration
•  Communication via a wireless connection by a embedded Bluetooth module
•  Multi-color interchangeable watchbands.

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