First-of-its-kind SOZO® Digital Health Platform Developed for Renal Failure

ImpediMed Limited, developed first-of-its-kind SOZO® Digital Health Platform for renal failure.

SOZO® device is the world’s most advanced, noninvasive bioimpedance spectroscopy which takes less than 30 seconds in delivering accurate picture of tissue composition and status of the fluid.

During dialysis, the SOZO® Digital Health Platformenables physicians to remove exact amount of fluid volume from a renal failure patient.

The current standard-of-care method makes use of weight scales to measure the increase of fluid in kidney failure patients. Muscle loss being the most common side effect in renal disease patients, these weight scales cannot measure changes in body composition.

Removal of fluid and dry weight assessment both remain as a major challenge for nephrologists. Moreover, poor fluid removal and excessive fluid removal causes hypotension and may negatively affect the quality of life resulting in increasing hospitalizations and mortality rates.

US FDA has granted ImpediMed Limited a Breakthrough Designation to SOZO® Digital Health Platformfor Renal Failure.

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