Forma Medical Developed First-of-its-Kind OptimalHT System

Forma Medical has developed first-of-its-kind OptimalHT procedure. The OptimalHT procedure stands as the world's first instrumented minimally invasive surgery (MIS) hammertoe arthrodesis solution.  

The OptimalHT approach introduces a novel method for digital correction that prioritises patient well-being. By embracing a minimally invasive approach, it not only reduces oedema and expedites recovery but also consistently delivers the exceptional results patients desire. 

Retrograde k-wire fixation has been a longstanding and accepted treatment for addressing toe deformities. However, in recent times, most of the patients have reported experiencing recurring deformities and expressing dissatisfaction with the protruding pins and extended recovery times associated with this method.

The introduction of OptimalHT, seamlessly integrates the proven efficacy of k-wires while also offering a more advanced and dependable fixation approach. This not only ensures more consistent results but also minimises the inconveniences my patients have experienced in the past.

Compared to other hammertoe-specific products, OptimalHT stands out as a unique, instrumented procedure that ensures reliable outcomes while minimising incisions. Its cost-effectiveness and scalability make it a pragmatic choice compared to alternative solutions.

As the prevalence of painful hammertoe deformities continues to soar, there is an urgent need to elevate patient care standards. Receiving the FDA approval and launching the OptimalHT system marks the commencement of a transformative journey.