Francis Medical Launched Novel Vanquish Minimally Invasive Prostate Cancer Therapy

Francis Medical launched novel Vanquish minimally invasive water vapour ablation therapy. This technology involves a minimally invasive procedure that utilises water vapour ablation therapy to target and treat cancerous tissue.

The Vanquish system employs the thermal energy present in a small amount of sterile water to deliver precise treatments to cancerous tissue. This therapy is administered through a relatively simple transurethral procedure, which aims to ablate (destroy) cancer cells while safeguarding surrounding structures.

This approach is designed to minimise the risk of severe side effects that are often associated with other prostate cancer treatments.

Prostate cancer ranks as the second most common cancer among men in the United States. The American Cancer Society estimates that approximately one in eight American men will receive a prostate cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives.

Traditional treatments for prostate cancer can lead to complications such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, which can have a profound impact on a patient's quality of life. The Vanquish water vapour ablation therapy represents a promising advancement in the field of cancer treatment, particularly for prostate cancer.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted breakthrough device designation to Vanquish's water vapor ablation therapy.