G-Tech Patch System: A ‘GUT’SY Innovation

The California-based medical and healthcare technology company, G-Tech Medical, has broken all fences within the confines of gastrointestinal medicine. Their latest innovation, the  G-Tech Patch System is a highly-sophisticated cordless, wearable and throwaway electrode patch  which assesses and quantifies the electrical activity detected from the stomach, small intestinal tract as well as the colon.

The patch itself has been designed in conformity to concepts of comfort, durability as well as endurance. Thus, it is characterised by its adherence to the contour in shape, its slim width as well as its waterproof texture. This allows the patients to go about their mundane activities with ease and in the absence of an extrinsic obstruction caused by medical devices generally.

All the information which is assimilated by the patch is then transferred to a smart device like a phone or tablet through BLE so that this data can then be propped on a cloud database for further evaluation by the physician who is at the receiving end of this information.  G-tech proffers an application which can be utilised by the physician in order to appraise the collected data. This application is built at an advance level of technological intellect, enabling it to elicit and personify knowledge of the signals and the patterns formulated by the, thereby facilitating a prompt and precise diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders that may exist within the patient at the time.  

This intricate mechanism is facile in its execution and permits the delivery of signals from the GI organs. The corollary of this patch system is the prospect of conclusively indicating any ailments that the patient might be suffering from at the time with pertinence to a functional issue in his/her gastrointestinal system. This avoids the misinterpretation of such a problem as one emerging from a far more serious predicament which might require complicated testing and scans.  

This sidesteps unnecessarily length diagnosis and the rigmarole of repeated tests as well as scans which draw blanks quite often. In addition to this, the apposite remedy to the situation can be proffered forthwith rather than at a much later stage of the illness’s growth. The therapeutic solutions can then be applied instead of conducting invasive examinations which are both painful as well as monetarily imposing. The measurements established before and after therapy can be placed in juxtaposition to deduce the efficacy of the therapies.

Thus, the G-Tech Patch System represents the kind of technology that the complex human anatomy requires in today’s world where detection as well as deduction cost more than death.