Interoperable Insulin Delivery Pod Allows Fast Detection of Occlusion in Patients

SFC Fluidics, Inc introduces interoperable insulin delivery pod (the PandaTM). The pod is intended for the subcutaneous delivery of the insulin at set and variable rates for managing diabetes mellitus in persons requiring insulin.

Most of the insulin pump systems cannot detect occlusion for more than 20 hours resulting in a dangerous situation for patients. With the use of PandaTM, the occlusion in patients can be detected within six minutes or even less than that.

The advanced microfluidic pumping system (ePump®) is intended to deliver extremely small doses of insulin accurately. The PandaTM will successfully eliminate 95% of over and under dispenses of insulin. Moreover, PandaTM used in ePump® has the ability to detect flow or no flow conditions of insulin in real-time.

The PandaTM is designed safely to detect the pump flow blockages instantly thus preventing traumatic insulin overdosing.

SFC Fluidics, Inc gets a breakthrough device designation for interoperable insulin delivery pod (the PandaTM).

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