Ken Block Consulting Client Develops Spinal Cord Flow Oxygenation System

One of the startup clients of Ken Block Consulting (KBC), Neural Fiber Optic Systems, Inc. (NFOSYS) has developed FLOXsp, the Spinal Cord Flow and Oxygenation System.

The system allows continuous oxygenation monitoring of the spinal cord and blood flow in virtue of preventing paralysis during and after aortic and major spine surgeries.

The device is planned for short-term placement in the epidural space to examine spinal cord blood flow and oxygenation before, during, and after the surgical procedures wherein the spinal cord is at risk of severe injuries due to ischemia.

Spinal cord ischemia or SCI can result in paraparesis, paraplegia, and other lifetime disabilities, including chronic pain. Moreover, the results of SCI are far expensive and can significantly reduce the quality and span of a patient’s life.

The system has been devised to use minimally invasive optical probes to measure slight changes in blood flow through the spinal cord as symptoms of impending SCI.

The innovation of FLOXsp would offer a much-needed solution to considerably improve patient outcomes in future years, meanwhile devising strategies to reduce the complication of SCI.