Medigate Launches Dedicated Medical Device Security Platform to Counter Cyber Risk

Medigate announced the industry’s first dedicated medical device security platform for health providers to secure medical devices that are connected to electronic medical records, enterprise networks and servers, and the internet.

The cloud-based security platform empowers healthcare IT and security teams to protect enterprises, securing data and safeguarding patient safety and privacy from malware, ransomware and other advanced cyber attacks targeting networked medical devices.

The Medigate’s device aims to provide visibility into all the medical devices connected to the network.

It helps to completely identify devices by type and personality and thus analyse, understands connected devices specialised protocols, behaviours, and communications.

This industry’s first dedicated medical device security platform detects anomalies and suspicious activities.

It protects connected medical devices from network attacks and data exfiltration attempts.

Medigate has built this security platform to tightly protect this patient-provider data so that both parties can rely on the accuracy of critical treatment plans and confidentiality of their personal and private information.

Providers can safely operate all medical devices on their network using the Medigate’s platform. By developing a dedicated medical device security platform, Medigate helps organisations to safely connect devices to their networks and protect against cyber risk.

Medigate security platform discovers and secures existing and new devices, ensuring that these devices continue to deliver lifesaving treatments and protect patient confidentiality.