Medtronic Develops Personalised Closed Loop Insulin Pump System for Diabetes Management

Medtronic developed personalised closed loop insulin pump system for diabetes management.

The system uses the PCL technology, which is designed to automate insulin delivery in a way that is real-time, personalized and adapts to the user.

The personalized closed loop insulin system will also provide insights and predictive diagnostics unique to the individual, with a goal of dramatically simplifying diabetes management for the patient.

The Personalized Closed Loop System will be transformational for diabetes management, and the personalized nature of the algorithm clears the path to a true closed loop system.

As the name suggests, it contains a hybrid closed-loop system and is not fully automated. It still requires users to manually enter food data and correct insulin boluses.

The closed-loop system allows for real-time, personalised and adaptable automated insulin delivery.

Patients can get more effective treatment or diagnosis for life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions.

The novel closed loop innovation in development holds significant promise for simplifying diabetes management and taking on much more of the work.

The closed-loop systems will support the acceleration of important therapeutic options that fulfills the unmet needs of patients.

Patients need to enter the data about their food and insulin, to get the effective results.

The personalised closed loop insulin pump system also gets breakthrough designation by FDA.