MyoVista®, a Breakthrough hsECG Device Available in Canada

US-based HeartSciences announced that MyoVista® is a breakthrough high sensitivity electrocardiograph (hsECG™) testing device. The device helps to screen patients for cardiac diseases now available in Canada. It relies on a mathematical method known as continuous wavelet transform to process ECG data in a manner very different than conventional ECG.

MyoVista measures the heart’s energy during each heartbeat using a type of advanced signal processing known as Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT).

It provides physicians a detailed visual image of the energy distribution during the cardiac cycle, just as a Doppler radar color image shows the energy of a storm.

The MyoVista hsECG goes beyond conventional ECG technology with new metrics to detect re-polarization abnormalities as it was developed using Continuous Wavelet Transform mathematics.

This new capability enables physicians to detect diastolic dysfunction which is typically diagnosed using tissue Doppler echocardiography.

The MyoVista hsECG, incorporates all of the capabilities of a full featured 12-lead resting ECG plus new proprietary informatics that assist in detecting diastolic dysfunction.

Using machine learning, MyoVista hsECG technology detected diastolic dysfunction with 88 percent sensitivity, and 87 percent specificity, in a recent clinical trial at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

In addition, the MyoVista hsECG is an exciting breakthrough in ECG technology. MyoVista hsECG uses the same 12-lead, at-rest testing protocol as traditional ECG devices to help facilitate easy adoption for clinical staff.

The difference is that MyoVista is a single test that provides healthcare practitioners with unique informatics, as well as conventional 12-lead resting ECG tracings and conventional ECG interpretive analysis.

In combination, these assist identification of cardiac dysfunction related to CAD and structural disease, as well as identifying arrhythmias.

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